LVDS Cable Assemblies

Fastlink have been making LVDS( Low Voltage Differential Signalling) cables for some years  and have all the necessary tooling to terminate Molex, JAE, and Hirose being the most popular style connectors. We have considerable experience and we offer a consultancy  service that will help the customer to understand the various interfaces and map them accordingly. We are happy to work with the development engineers to produce the pro-type model and the subsequent production quantities.


We are happy to supply small batches even one off’ for samples or evaluation. We will work with your engineer to solve any design or production issues.


Low voltage differential signalling cables (LVDS) are used extensively on digital signage applications. The cable can be described as a special high density connector up to 100 way contacts that plug directly into the screen with the other end connector providing the signal source. These electronic displays have numerous applications ranging from transportation information in train stations, airports e.t.c and any other establishment that needs to publish public information. Touch screens are being used in ever increasing numbers, to book tickets for numerous different services. Electronic event and product advertising in public places have replaced the old style bill board.

The LVDS cables are difficult to build due to the small size of cable typically 30 AWG and the small connectors that the cable has to be terminated to.. Special applicators are needed to be fitted to our electronic press, bench magnifiers, special tools, plus electronic inspection aids and testing are also required. A suitable dust free area is also required.